Turn prompts into structured APIs

Prompt Wrangler makes it easy to turn GPT prompts into structured APIs. This make it easier to iterate on prompts without having to make code changes. Best of all it's 100% free!

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Build faster

All in one platform for managing LLM Prompts

Use Prompt Wrangler to easily iterate on your LLM Prompts without having to redeploy code. Easily share prompts with teammates and allow non technical users to run prompts.

Prompt Versioning
Easily manage multiple versions of your prompts. Create new versions and then deploy as soon as they are ready.
Every time a prompt is called, we log the request and response. This allows you to easily debug your prompts.
Understand the average response time of your prompts and costs associated with them.
Structured Inputs
Insert sturctured arguments into your prompts. This allows you to communicate over a structured API
Structued Output
Easily parse the output of your prompt as code, JSON or plain text.
Few Shot Training
Easily include few shot examples in your prompt using semantic slots.
Organize Prompts
Splits your prompts across multiple workspaces - each workspace can have it's own users with full access roles.
Zapier Integration
Easily use a prompt as a Zapier action. Simply oauth to Prompt Wrangler and you are ready to get started.
Collaborate with Teammates
Invite teammates to your workspace and collaborate on prompts together.
Cost Analysis
Understand the cost of your prompts in real time and understand how that's changing over time

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our customer support team.

How much does Prompt Wrangler cost?
Prompt Wrangler is 100% Free!! We are currently in beta and are looking for feedback. You must provide your own OpenAI API key.
How do I get started?
You can get started by creating an account above.
What models does Prompt Wrangler support?
Right now we support all of OpenAI text models including GPT-3, GPT 3.5 and GPT 4
How do I use Prompt Wrangler?
With Prompt Wrangler you move your prompts to the cloud and use our web interface to create and manage your prompts. You can also use our API to integrate prompts into your app.
How do I integrate Prompt Wrangler into my app?
Prompt Wrangler creates a REST API for your prompts. You can use our API to integrate prompts into your app.